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Cold Storages
Cold Rooms
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Cold Rooms/ Storages

We supply solutions in Cold Storage Rooms for Fruits and other Agri products. We have in-depth expertise in cold storage which enables us in setting up cold storage units at the customer premises as per the specific industry standards.

Our technicians and quality controllers are well aware of the latest technology and ensure the proper functioning of these cold storage units. These cold rooms are designed to ensure that airflow speed is in the right accordance and directed away from the product so that direct interaction with food is avoided even while maintaining desired conditions. These serve as an ideal for storage of fruits and vegetables and keep these fresh for a longer period of time.

Cold rooms and col storage units are as per customer needs and designed on requirement of customer.

Why Cold Storages - Customizable Controlled Cost Effective

A cold storage unit possesses a refrigeration system that maintains the desired room environment for the commodities you will store. We are very adept in offering a vast range of Modern Cold Rooms and Commercial Cold Storage Systems. The Cold Rooms that we manufacture are fully computerized and with modern technology intended to preserve the freshness in food

Cold Storages
Cold Rooms

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