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Porta Cabins
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Porta Cabins
Porta Cabin

Pre-Fabricated Structures

Porta Cabins

If there is one word to describe porta cabins, it would surely be versatile! Indeed Porta cabins are used as prefab site offices, security cabins, cottages, container homes, control rooms, medical testing labs, pathology labs, and the list continues. Another biggest advantage of porta cabins is their flexibility to customize. One can choose the dimensions, design, and color schemes according to your taste and requirements.

Porta cabins have multiple applications such as kiosks, shops, bars, small cabins for offices and shops, the infrastructure industry, and many more.

Benefits of Porta Cabins - Modular Approach Portable Economical

Building a permanent structure is time consuming. However, with ready-made porta cabins, Erection can be speeded up. Since the cabins are portable, they can be easily dismantled, and assembled at some other location.

The construction and assembly of Cabins is modular. Hence, panel walls, windows and doors can be assembled on modular units and ordered accordingly. Modular features enables porta cabins to expand or reduce in size as and when required.

The materials used in porta cabins are light and does not need heavy machinery during installation. Modular Cabin saves a lot of labor in erection and are economical.

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