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Pre Fabricated Gaurd Rooms
Pre Fabricated Security Rooms
Pre Fabricated Guard Rooms
Pre Fabricated Security Rooms

Pre-Fabricated Structures

Security Rooms/ Guard Rooms

We offer building solutions for prefabricated military buildings with advantages of short time production and quick installation. Our buildings can be easily stocked or disassembled and moved to other locations thanks to its demountable system. Our modular buildings give special solutions to moving mechanized troops, UN peacekeeping forces, NATO, and other similar associations. Taking into consideration the international standards when preparing our prefabricated buildings, we also consider special options and applications according to national armies' standards.

Why Pre-Fabricated Security Rooms - Customizable Portable Saves Money

Building a permanent retail or commercial space is time consuming. However, with porta cabins, construction time can be reduced upto 60 percent. Yes, it is that fast, though the time factor is somewhat dependent on the size of materials. This is a great building solution for businesses that want to construct something quick without having to spend too much money.

  • Weapons and Ammunition Production Facilities
  • Ammunition Storage Facilities
  • Utility Structures
  • Commissary Facilities
  • Fortifications

 With the developing production systems, it is possible to produce more economical, faster, more useful, healthier, and more durable structures. Modular army building is one of them. Prefabricated and container structures are used in this area. Prefab military structures, such as prefabricated military shelters, are very preferred systems. Karmod, with its experience in the building sector, has been producing special products for the defense industry recently. Accordingly, Bullet Proof Armored Cabin and Bullet Proof Visor developed in Karmod R&D are among these products. 

Pre Fabricated Gaurd Rooms
Security Rooms

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