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Solar Inverter Rooms
Solar Inverter Rooms
Solar Control Rooms
Solar Inverter Rooms

The prefabrication technology has improved a lot over the years. Gone are the days when prefab houses were perceived as ugly tin houses that are an eyesore. When it comes to design, it largely depends on how well trained your contractor is. Our schools are a blend of elegance and durability. We have a well trained team of professionals who look after every aspect of the construction process from planning till installation. Our Pre-Fabricated Schools are a blend of aesthetics & Durability

Pre-Fabricated Structures

Solar Invertor Rooms & Control Rooms

Why Prefabricated Schools/ Hospitals - Easy Installation Controlled  Heat insulated

Modular construction is versatile – you can practically do anything you need. Superior quality, heat and sound insulation, fire resistive capabilities and weather protection. All of these features are important for any school or educational building. Pre engineered school buildings can help meet all of these requirements.

This is hugely beneficial for any business since you spend once and can use it for multiple purposes.

Built Reception Area. Lobby, Classrooms, Library, Laboratories, Computer rooms and  Large hall for event

Our cold rooms are highly suitable for agriculture sector, horticulture, floriculture units. These are equipped with aesthetic flush-fit door, efficient, heavy-duty flush-fit doors with FRP door perimeter. Each part of the cold room is consisted of walls, ceiling, floor, doors and corners and special panels designed for the purpose to ensure perfect fit.

Modular Schools
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